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Botox Today

I had Botox today. Like always the fifteen minutes dragged as the doctor gave me the painful injections. I sang the Gloria Patri and took deep breaths as the doctor did the injections.  I am still in a lot of pain and its hurts to move.

It struck me today that getting Botox has made me overcome my phobia of needles. It still makes me anxious but I can breath and be pretty still. When we first started the doctor had to remind me to breath, be still, and keep my head held up. But not anymore. It took a lot of courage and strength from the Lord to get to this place.

I think overcoming phobias is a God thing. I need the Lord to get through every treatment.

Joshua 1:9 says: Have I not commanded you? be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid do not be discouraged, for the Lord you God will be with you wherever you go.


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Psalm of Thanksgiving

When I pray sometimes I focus on how much pain I’m in and only that. We need to remember  to praise God and thank Him for the things that He has done and things we  have. I am grateful that God connected me with caring doctors, medicine, a roof, and I’m surrounded by people who love and care for me

As I ponder your goodness
I’m compelled to lift praises.
I cast aside my woes and
I remember your goodness.
As I sweep aside my pain
I celebrate and worship.
My despair is silenced as
I sing thanksgiving.
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
for their wonderful goodness.

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