About My Psychosis

I am a Christian who happens to have psychosis. Psychosis is when a person’s emotions and thoughts loose touch with reality. For me, this includes delusions, visual/tactile/audio hallucinations, and scrambled thinking. It is a mental illness. I starting showing symptoms in November 2018 and was diagnosed in March 2019.

It does not make me a dangerous person or someone to be scared of. I am a person who is scared. The voices say scary and hurtful things. Seeing shadow people who touch me is scary. The delusions make me believe things that are not real, that is scary. Not being able to trust my mind is concerning. The nightmares scare me. I am a person who is trapped in anxiety and depression because I live in a world that scares me. It hurts.

I have my family, Uni, councilor, and doctors to keep me on the right path. But most of all I have the Lord God to help me overcome each moment and lead me down the path of healing. As things get less scary and frequent I can see God working in my life.