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drama of meds

I am not able to get my Botox injections. The clinic is closed until the covid19 is under control.  So I missed my injection about 5 weeks ago. I am in so much pain I wonder how I managed before Botox.

It gets worse. The voices are slowly coming back. I like my coital, on Botox it makes the  symptoms worse. So we learned that the pain is contented with my mental health issues.

 The drama. I called the pain doctor and asked if he could do anything to help He prescribed a medicine that is newer and he is positive will give some relief. Mohealth would let me till I tried this other med. This other pill is not helping. The doctor and pharmacist thought that with my needs it would not work. The stupid med made it worse a few hours,

NOw I cant get the meds the were orginaay prescribed Monday. The mess started on Tuesday.A whole week for a med we think will help. Meanwhile I have Naproxin and hope.

the whole thing is just stupid.

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Pain Management disaster

I’ve been living day by day. My migraines are awful. I’m taking naproxen three times a day to get by, that’s not how its prescribed but its taking a bit of the edge off.

Because of the covid 19 I cannot get Botox. The only medicine that has brought me any real relief is slowly wearing off. My appointment was three weeks ago.

Instead of doing my pain management stuff, I’e been staring at walls and crying in my sleep. Its hard getting out of bed and i’m barely functional. Just enough to pull it off.

I hope covid 19 passes out soon.

It hurts.

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Medical Marijuana: Smokes

Marijuana smoke is the only danger to one’s health that I’ve come across. The best way  to avoid this harmful side effect is to eat magic brownies.

Have you ever thought about what your actually doing while smoking? You are lighting plant matter and paper on fire. Then you hold the fire close to you and stick it right in front of your face. You are also inhaling solid and liquid particulates and a list of harmful gasses from the paper and plant as you bask in the smoke cloud.

Marijuana smoke poses the same health risks as tobacco smoke, a forest fire, any smoke.

First hand marijuana smoke has been found to cause damage to the respiratory system. It can cause things like bronchitis and respiratory infections. Second hand smoke exposure can be harmful to the blood vessels.

The marijuana smoke contains chemicals that can lead to cancer but no long term research has been done yet.

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Medical Marijuana: Legal Train

I was watching the senate live a while ago and it hit me today, those senators don’t know why its illegal. The lobbyists were requesting permission to do research on medical marijuana. The lobbyists argument was that the drug was not harmful. The senator agreed the drug was not harmful but could not approve because marijuana is a #1 scheduled drug. The senators and lobbyists got into a discussion about why marijuana would be deemed as dangerous as heroin. The lobbyists were told to come back once they knew why marijuana is scheduled #1 and can prove that it is less dangerous then heroin. The senator closed up the discussion saying that the legalization of marijuana at the federal level will be impossible until it is reevaluated and put in a more appropriate rank. What makes a schedule #1? Substances that have no medical use and are deemed a high risk for abuse. Substances scheduled 2-4 require a prescription and schedule 5 substances must be used solely for medical use.

Legal Train

  • 1906, the Pure Foods and Drug Act required that all food and drugs containing marijuana had to have it on the label.
  • 1930, Mexican Revolutionary War: with immigrants coming over, the use increased.
  • 1930, Federal Bureau of Narcotics was established, drugs began to be scheduled
  •  1936, the movie “Reefer Madness.” showed the “dangers” of recreational pot. The public went nuts.
  • 1950, federal minimal sentences for possession and use established.

Took medical marijuana almost 50 years to go from a schedule 5 to a schedule 1. It wasn’t until the year 2000 that some states decriminalized marijuana.

In 1930 the increase in use also meant increase in sales. Mexicans were most likely the ones growing and selling the recreational marijuana as a legitimate business. Making marijuana a schedule 1 took away their financial means. Senator, marijuana is a schedule 1 because the congress/senate showed their prejudice against Mexicans. Taking away their legitimate business made them criminals overnight. Mexicans still have that stigma attached to them. Like Trump said, “We have some bad humbras and we have to get them out.” Racism has produced some of the stupidest laws our country has passed.

Controlled substances schedules

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Pain Meds, still learning.

Today I had to take a pain pill. What I failed to remember was I took my last prescription nausea med. Why would he prescribe more pain pills then nausea pills? I was staring at my options in dismay. Mom to the rescue with over the counter stuff. It works alright, but the prescription ones work a bit better. Now, I feel like I might be the weirdest patient ever. I am going to have to ask he prescribe more nausea medicine. Not begging for more pain pills like some think I should be doing. Nope. Just give me more of those stomach pills.

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RX Incandescent Light Bulb


“Warning: This halogen lamp may cause migraines from Hell that hurt more then the ones that florescent lights may cause because we mimic the infernal midday sun.”

The store in town, and the Walmart and Target nearest you did not have my blessed incandescent 30-ish watt bulbs (or 15). The lowest was 60 watts, I cannot handle that many lumens all day. We found out that some stores have decided to stop caring them because of this new energy saving incandescent bulb. Halogen lamps. The store’s lowest watt was 45 in the halogen. However the lumens are lower per a watt, so we thought okay. (Halogen 310 lumens vs normal 450 lumens for a 45). NO, not okay. I have not been well at all. So looked up how halogen lamps work. It emits blue rays. The kind that the sun gives off, so its a brighter and clearer light. It is a migraine’s playing ground.

The midday sun the promotional information says. I think its been 11 years since I appreciated the sunshine, least of all the midday sun.

It was like we kicked out a tiger and invited a platypus to live with us.

I read that in the UK you have to have a prescription to have the regular incandescent light bulbs. I think that the pharmaceutical companies are getting to much power and soon we will be giving them even more. We will be wasting doctors time and waiting in line at the drug store to buy light bulbs from the pharmacy. And we will be paying 50$ a bulb. For a bulb that right now we can buy in four packs for less then 5$. This is ridiculous.

Next time I see them I think we will buy all of them on the shelf that I can afford.


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Vacation onThe Time Zone Line

“What time is it?” is not a simple question in Winamac Indian. My phone didn’t know what time it was. The time zone splits my Aunt’s farm in half. The main house sits on “fast time” (Eastern) and the guest house sits on “slow time” (Central).  I stayed in the guest house. My alarm for my medicine goes off and I take it. We goof off for about an hour and decide to move to the guest house. My medicine alarm goes off.

The Peanut Gallery: Isn’t that your medicine alarm…did you take it…why did it go off again…did it actually go off earlier..should ya take it..lets count…I’m going to shower now…how much did you bring I don’t want to count a lot…is your alarm going to confuse us everyday… ug…lets just go to sleep…no its going to confuse us twice a day…ug why wasn’t anyone paying attention…has anyone asked her yet…where is she…we should make a plan…MOM!
Mom: My name is no longer Mom.
Sis: Oh Royal One, what should we do about Crystal’s medicine?
Mom: She should take it when she usually takes it 10 am and 10 pm
Me: Oh Royal One, is the usual time fast time or slow time?
Mom: You figure it out.
Sis not taking a shower: Do you remember if Crystal took her medicine when the alarm went off at fast time?
Mom: I wasn’t there. You didn’t bring your pill box? Go count. The Royal One is going to sleep.

My phone was very confused. By the end of the trip it asked me to manually set the time. The lesson learned is sometimes a watch is much preferable to a device that changes with the times. And take your pill calendar.

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