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Migraine is my Kryptonite

I found a place to read DC Comic’s “Supergirl” online: So I’m excited. As I was reading last night, before the internet went out, Kara is encased in the kryptonite. I want to share how she described it on page 3 of issue 4.

I will tell people that sunlight is my Kryptonite because it is my worse trigger. But being at the height of a migraine feels like this. Like you have been greeted by something hazardous and it is not letting go. It is making all your senses go crazy and the consumable pain. Before long your senses going crazy bother you less and less because the pain all that you can feel is pain. Soon you feel like all there is pain.

Then turn the page, Kara found a rescuer in an expected place. Maybe on our bad days we can find new and unexpected surprises.

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