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In the News today.

I am unhappy with an article I read in the published by the “West Australian Times” today. “Mother left quadriplegic after migraine treatment” (link below) makes for a nice public  interest piece. It focuses solely on the what a horrible decision it was to receive the spinal intervention treatment. She claims the doctor never told her paralysis was a possible side-effect. Why did she not think to research the procedure on her own or ask if headache was the worse possible side-effect? Headache and nausea the worse possible side-effect? Please, the doctor probably said the most common. At least read the consent form. That is not there just to cover their buts, it informs you of the worse outcomes. The article could have at least said “chronic migraine.” I doubt the doctor would have recommended this to someone that was managing alright with medicine.

Then there is no words of defense on her part. Why did you choose to do this in the first place? She just says she should have never done it. Anyone with no experience is already thinking “that idiot, it just a headache.” She should have defended herself. I chose to do this because. It’s crap that this happened. I wish I had properly educated myself before going into a surgery that was messing with my neurological system. It just seems like common sense.  But instead made all of us look like desperate idiots who don’t care of the consequences until its to late and then push off the blame and throw ourselves on the mercy of others.

And then she didn’t say if the treatment worked. My exact thought upon reading the title was “yeah, but did it work?” (awful I know). That is why I read the article, hoping it would add that tidbit. But no, of course not. Wouldn’t want to tempt the irrational drug seeking idiots.

Another article to feed into the stereo-types. Attention hungry, drug seeking, and pathetic. Thank you media. We really needed that.

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Seizure Anniversaries? Silliness.

It is not like we are in AA. We don’t have coins to fondle when we earn them. It is just a number of days to tell the doctor so he or she doesn’t sigh and ask the circumstances around said event. It is something people ask, “how long has been?” But why is it that important? I have a neurological disorder that is not going away, crap is going to happen. In reality it only effects a few people, the people there during an attack and those who deal with the hangover. Same with migraines, the people who have to be extra careful with the environment and the caretaker. I guess it is the same with drunk people, but we don’t have AA still applies.

Counting the days creates another day that can be greeted with devastation. I should be celebrating, I was so close. Ladela. But instead I get to be reminded of my complete fail because it was marked on a calendar. Well this is awkward,  everyone Tweedledee their thumbs and hope it goes unnoticed.Hope no one says anything, hope you don’t remember, hope you don’t cry. Because yes, I rolled snake eyes; tried to fill a glass of water but created a hurricane and drowned (yes a D&D reference, game master was pretty funny).

I have decided that keeping track of anniversaries is not for everyone. I think I am going to stick to doctor appointment to doctor appointment. I don’t make long term plans because I get disappointed when I can’t keep them. Even if it is goal centered, an anniversary is a long term engagement. It is a party, a long term plan. Very uncharacteristic of me. My niece calls that silliness. So silly.

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13 People Describe What It’s Like to Have Epilepsy | The Mighty

via 13 People Describe What It’s Like to Have Epilepsy | The Mighty.

I found that I agreed with a lot of these descriptions.

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2015 in review

Happy New Year! I hope it was a good one. I spent mine in aphasia world. It deserves its own post. I have had limited internet access for the past week because I spent time up north with my Gramma and sister and then came home to a flood.

The biggest change to my pain management regiment this year was starting this blog. The doctor told me to be more socially active and suggested on-line media. I think it has been beneficial. I can put forth the weird parts of the new me and write about stuff that is important to me without pooh heads I have to be polite to. I have also encountered others that I can relate to or can relate to me. Which is a first since my Grandma died.

WordPress made a cute stat chart that I have chosen to share with you. It is presented in an appealing and easy to understand spread. Which is important when sharing such information. Brownie points to their statics crew. Sometimes it is good to look back. We can learn from what we went through. Sometimes we have to go a bit south to go north. We can also reminisce, enjoy the memory of good times, and look forward to what lays ahead.

I do not do New Year’s Resolutions. I do not like long term set plans. If I can’t control the slightest bit of what will happen in five minutes, how can I keep a resolution? What I can do is look back at 2015 at say, huh I didn’t screw that up to bad, I hope I can do as well this year.

This is the wordpress report.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 530 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 9 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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