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Smart Mix: 8 Days

This is what I have noticed after being on the Smart Mix for 8 days.

The Super Mix
It is tolerable. It has a grainy texture but it tastes okay. I have found that it tasted the best with really cold water and a drop of lemon essential oil in it. I put the water in the fridge for about half an hour before mixing it all up in a glass water bottle. The only time I cannot tolerate it is when I have one of those migraines that only allow me to eat Saltine crackers and chocolate. Yeah, those are weird.

My Diet
I started to feel hungry two times a day, as apposed to if I forget to eat for over a day. I have not been inspired to change what I eat. On the other hand I already eat pretty healthy. The representative was clear this is not a weight loss program, the people who lose weight are those with unhealthy diets. I wasn’t expecting to loose weight.

It has not stopped my cravings but it has made them not so bad. They are not as strong and I can eat less of it to satisfy the craving. Which is good for me because it is usually sugary thing or chocolate. Unsatisfied cravings make me irritable and not nice, also very rarely they can set off my rage episodes. Rage is a side effect of Lamictal.

It has not helped the pain. But  “intractable” and “chronic” are in my chart. Another way for doctors to say “this chick is hard to treat.” I have noticed 2 things. I haven’t gotten vertigo, this is an  unusual span of time. I am falling asleep faster. I still wake up several times but I can fall back to sleep faster. Still don’t get enough sleep but I feel a little bit more rested.

These are small changes but small improvements are small victories. It has only been 8 days. I will give you another update soon.

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SmartMix: Something New

I am throwing more noodles at the wall. I mentioned before that I am trying new things and some old things over again now that we got the migraine pain calmed down a bit.

I am drinking Ziga SmartMix. My best description would be a health food drink. I did research and a lot of the ingredients you can take as vitamins but this is the actual plants. And because they are in this mix your body digests them better. It would be like chowing down on some weird salad.

SmartMix is mostly a Proprietary blend. According to its website, it is Chicory root, FoTi root, and Moringa.  The Chicory root helps you feel full and helps your digestive system. FoTi helps remove toxins from your body and helps your mood. I also read it will improve the health of your hair. Moringa is an anti-inflammatory, can help with mental clarity, boost your energy, ant-aging, and improve circulation.

Testimonies, got to have those. One man lost 200 lbs. He said drinking SmartMix made him stop craving unhealthy food and helped him eat healthy portions of food. A person with chronic migraines no longer takes pain medications. There was a person with diabetes and she didn’t have problems with it anymore. One person got up and said he just felt healthier in general. About ten people stood up each with a different story.

The man in charge said that what the Moringa does is give you body nutrients it is lacking and helps your body digest your food better so you are getting more of the nutrients from the food you are eating. It makes total sense to me.  If part of the problem is that my body is not getting something it needs then I would feel better when I start getting it.

I have tried changing my diet before, multiple times in different ways. I know that people with migraines and epilepsy tend to lack magnesium and Vitamin E. I am still on a diet that has a lot of those foods high in magnesium and Vitamin E, it hasn’t helped.

When I wake, I will shake up a packet of powder with about 15 ounces of cold water and take my medicine with it. And then eat breakfast about half an hour latter.

Check is out at:

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