drama of meds

I am not able to get my Botox injections. The clinic is closed until the covid19 is under control.  So I missed my injection about 5 weeks ago. I am in so much pain I wonder how I managed before Botox.

It gets worse. The voices are slowly coming back. I like my coital, on Botox it makes the  symptoms worse. So we learned that the pain is contented with my mental health issues.

 The drama. I called the pain doctor and asked if he could do anything to help He prescribed a medicine that is newer and he is positive will give some relief. Mohealth would let me till I tried this other med. This other pill is not helping. The doctor and pharmacist thought that with my needs it would not work. The stupid med made it worse a few hours,

NOw I cant get the meds the were orginaay prescribed Monday. The mess started on Tuesday.A whole week for a med we think will help. Meanwhile I have Naproxin and hope.

the whole thing is just stupid.

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Pain Management disaster

I’ve been living day by day. My migraines are awful. I’m taking naproxen three times a day to get by, that’s not how its prescribed but its taking a bit of the edge off.

Because of the covid 19 I cannot get Botox. The only medicine that has brought me any real relief is slowly wearing off. My appointment was three weeks ago.

Instead of doing my pain management stuff, I’e been staring at walls and crying in my sleep. Its hard getting out of bed and i’m barely functional. Just enough to pull it off.

I hope covid 19 passes out soon.

It hurts.

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Strangest trigger

One of the strangest trigger I have is blinking. Especially in a bright place or under florescent lights. Its bothersome because there is nothing that I can do to avoid this trigger. What, maybe keep your eyes closed longer? Doesn’t work. It is so weird that out brain would choose something it needs to do to cause such pain.

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Merry Christmas!

I hope you are having a fantastic holiday. Yesterday we had our big celebration, right after Christmas Eve church services. I should have remembered to take a break for me time. I ended up in a considerable amount of pain and was very worn out before the end of the day.

My prayer for you is that you have fun, enjoy family, and take time for yourself.

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Truth Be Told

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Schizophrenia Facebook Group Sucks

I joined a group on Facebook that gives schizophrenics a place deal. Recently there are more and more posts about how Christianity is not real. Goes as far to say that every Christian should be put on medicine for schizophrenia because we believe in a God we cannot see and believe that God can talk to people. Because when Christians say that something extraordinary happens its real but when a similar thing happens outside Christianity its schizophrenics. Why would God allow this? or do it to me? When a Christian reaches out these people are quick to give their advice that God is not real. It is getting hard to read. I am a Christian.  My faith is what is getting me through this horrible ordeal. I feel a need to stick up God, myself, them.

I know what so say. I am very frustrated because everything I’ve tried to say something it has gone terribly wrong.

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Hand full of pills

People tell me all the time that I’m on to much medicine, especially for my age. Apparently only old people are allowed to take handfuls of pills. Which I do. I take 6 different medicines in the morning and a different mess of seven medicines at night. My toothpaste is even prescription. Does that make me an old person? I’m 32. My nieces tell me I’m old.  Does the amount of medicine you have to take decrease your quality of life?

What I do know is I’m unlucky. I have three conditions that require medicine, a lot of medicine. Chronic migraines and head pain, seizures, and now depression and schizophrenia.

AAAHHHH the stigmas of being a disabled person. I take pills to make life better. I don’t take pills to make it worse.

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US Pain Foundation: Art through pain

Submitting a piece of my art might be fun but I have no idea what I would submit.  If you would like to think about it, the information and the link to submit is below.

Dear pain warriors,
Each November, U.S. Pain Foundation organizes a month-long educational campaign for the pain community. Recognizing that art and writing can help kids and adults cope with and/or express chronic pain and its effects on their lives, this year’s KNOWvember campaign will focus on creativity.
During the month, titled “Art through Pain: How Creativity Helps Us Cope,” U.S. Pain will be:
If you’d like to submit your artwork, you have the option of sharing it with us privately or allowing us to use it in a future project (such as in a blog post on Remedy or an INvisible Project magazine) through the link below.

To submit got to


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Why I know Botox works

Every week I have some migraines, three or four. But come two weeks before my injection day I start having them every day again. It slowly gets worse over the course of the fourteen days. I have Botox in seven days. My migraine started around noon and is still horrible.

I thank God for the relief Botox brings.

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Painters pain scale


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October 9, 2019 · 9:20 pm