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We Exchange Words

I play Words With Friends. My sister asked me if I played earlier:

Little Sis: These are crap letters.
Sis: Do you have the Words App?
Me: Why yes I do…I feel it a great way to exchange words with people. Even strangers since they added the play with random people feature.
Sis: Oh, so you use it to talk with people with the chat and keep connected with friends as a social media.
Me: It is a great avenue to exchange words.
Sis: That’s great!
Little Sis: It is a great place to exchange words…like Qintar. She breaks out in laughter.
Sis: Oh, playing scrabble together is not communicating or being social. I should call your doctor, tell him you live in a box and don’t talk to anyone!

We did pay for our tease, a five minute lecture on the importance on keeping me connected with friends and family. Now I think she is stalking my Facebook and finding out my last status update (I wrote something not posted or re-posted) was July 22 but before that is was the beginning of May. And I lost the website address to the online pain support group. I’m looking for it. I might be in trouble tomorrow.

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