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Smart Mix: 8 Days

This is what I have noticed after being on the Smart Mix for 8 days.

The Super Mix
It is tolerable. It has a grainy texture but it tastes okay. I have found that it tasted the best with really cold water and a drop of lemon essential oil in it. I put the water in the fridge for about half an hour before mixing it all up in a glass water bottle. The only time I cannot tolerate it is when I have one of those migraines that only allow me to eat Saltine crackers and chocolate. Yeah, those are weird.

My Diet
I started to feel hungry two times a day, as apposed to if I forget to eat for over a day. I have not been inspired to change what I eat. On the other hand I already eat pretty healthy. The representative was clear this is not a weight loss program, the people who lose weight are those with unhealthy diets. I wasn’t expecting to loose weight.

It has not stopped my cravings but it has made them not so bad. They are not as strong and I can eat less of it to satisfy the craving. Which is good for me because it is usually sugary thing or chocolate. Unsatisfied cravings make me irritable and not nice, also very rarely they can set off my rage episodes. Rage is a side effect of Lamictal.

It has not helped the pain. But  “intractable” and “chronic” are in my chart. Another way for doctors to say “this chick is hard to treat.” I have noticed 2 things. I haven’t gotten vertigo, this is an  unusual span of time. I am falling asleep faster. I still wake up several times but I can fall back to sleep faster. Still don’t get enough sleep but I feel a little bit more rested.

These are small changes but small improvements are small victories. It has only been 8 days. I will give you another update soon.

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SmartMix: Something New

I am throwing more noodles at the wall. I mentioned before that I am trying new things and some old things over again now that we got the migraine pain calmed down a bit.

I am drinking Ziga SmartMix. My best description would be a health food drink. I did research and a lot of the ingredients you can take as vitamins but this is the actual plants. And because they are in this mix your body digests them better. It would be like chowing down on some weird salad.

SmartMix is mostly a Proprietary blend. According to its website, it is Chicory root, FoTi root, and Moringa.  The Chicory root helps you feel full and helps your digestive system. FoTi helps remove toxins from your body and helps your mood. I also read it will improve the health of your hair. Moringa is an anti-inflammatory, can help with mental clarity, boost your energy, ant-aging, and improve circulation.

Testimonies, got to have those. One man lost 200 lbs. He said drinking SmartMix made him stop craving unhealthy food and helped him eat healthy portions of food. A person with chronic migraines no longer takes pain medications. There was a person with diabetes and she didn’t have problems with it anymore. One person got up and said he just felt healthier in general. About ten people stood up each with a different story.

The man in charge said that what the Moringa does is give you body nutrients it is lacking and helps your body digest your food better so you are getting more of the nutrients from the food you are eating. It makes total sense to me.  If part of the problem is that my body is not getting something it needs then I would feel better when I start getting it.

I have tried changing my diet before, multiple times in different ways. I know that people with migraines and epilepsy tend to lack magnesium and Vitamin E. I am still on a diet that has a lot of those foods high in magnesium and Vitamin E, it hasn’t helped.

When I wake, I will shake up a packet of powder with about 15 ounces of cold water and take my medicine with it. And then eat breakfast about half an hour latter.

Check is out at:

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Dizzy, conversations with a kid

I have a song for you tonight, “Dizzy” by Tommy Roe. It was one of my first anthems. My niece and I would dance to this song when she was a toddler.

I remember describing being dizzy to my niece for the first time, I think she was about 3. She asked why I couldn’t pick her up right now. She asked “whats dizzzeee?” She loved the merry-go-round. So I told her it felt like I had spent to much time on the merry-go-round while someone was pushing it very fast. She looked at me with big eyes and said “Oooh, like this?” Then she ran in circles as fast as she could for about a minute and stopped suddenly. She fell flat on her face. Laying there she says, “Oh I think I’m dizzeee.” After a bit she told me to come and lay down beside her. So we laid there, both dizzy and unable to get up. She looks at me dead in the eyes and says, “you know what, I think someone is running in circles in your head.”

She is about to turn 8 now. Sometimes she will look at me intently and say “are you dizzy?” Then, without wanting a reply, she will run up to me and take my arm like her mom does when she helps me walk. “Auntie, I am going to help. Its my turn.” Then she will proudly announce to the world, “Look out, make way, my Auntie is dizzy, we’re coming through.” Dear Lord help us if she ever gets the notion to help when I am actually very dizzy.

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4-16-15 The Semi Colon Project

Today is dedicated to the Semi Colon Project (see excerpt below from their website): A Semicolon is used when an author could’ve chosen to end their sentence, but chose not to. The Author is you an…

Source: 4-16-15 The Semi Colon Project

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Star Wars May the 4th Quotes for Chronic Disease | The Mighty


12 quotes from ‘Star Wars’ that taught her lessons about how to deal with chronic illness.

Source: Star Wars May the 4th Quotes for Chronic Disease | The Mighty

I love Star Wars. This is a really fun way to look at chronic illness journey.

May the force be with you.

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Virtual migraine

“Excedrin” developed something pretty cool.

If you do not want to check out the article or watch this is what it is, goggles that simulate migraine aura symptoms. They remind me of how how drunk goggles work but much more sophisticated. So you slip them on and see spots, get bad vision, and experience dizziness.

The weird part of me wants to try them on a good day and give them a review. And I think its a great idea for anyone who needs or wants  a better understanding.

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Migraine Buddy App

I decided to try to keep a dairy again. I thought about it a lot. I have tried it a lot of different ways over the years and each time it has made me depressed and has not helped me talk to my doctors. To me it was “yup I’m in pain today again, just like yesterday and the day before. And look, it is easy to tell exactly how many days it has been.” And so depending on how bad the day was the worse it made it felt. Not emotionally healthy at all. The only time I was really good at it was the year I started Botox and after a year the negativity started setting in again. And the icing on the cake was the day my Mom found them. She started with the second one I kept, my first one is in a dairy that locks. I was in college and lived in the dorms. And the third really got to her.

Oh, I decided to this because I want to learn if I can figure out if there are other consistent triggers then my biggies. I want to learn more about the relief methods I am using, are they really helping? I want to retry somethings. Maybe something will give a bit of relief now that I am on the Botox and I have breaks from the migraines. Also, the doctor asks and suggests new things and I do try them and it would be nice to learn if the things I do actually work.

I do not want to fall into the same pitfall. I made criteria:
1. An app for my phone, easy access.
2. It only tracks migraines, not my daily pain.
3. I could easily track triggers.
4. I could skip things I didn’t want to enter.
5. I did not have to look at my stats on my homepage. I want to only look at it when preparing for my doctor appointments or when family is asking questions.
6. It has a notes section or a way to enter if I have a seizure or ER visit.
7. I would like to track things I tried for relief.

I found Migraine Buddy by Healint. It is described as an advanced migraine dairy and tracking app designed by neurologists. When I started blogging I followed “Migraine Buddy” ( and I still check it periodically. It was more helpful when I was first learning more about myself. It looks like it is put out by the same people.

This is how it fits what I wanted:

  1. It is on my phone. Bonus, I can export reports to my email that are suppose to be easy to share with my doctor. I have not tried out this feature yet. It also has a share feature, so I could text it to my Uni or email the report right to my doctor.
  2. It does not ask about daily head pain.
  3. I was surprised about how easy it is. On the homepage I tap “My records” then the + sign. Takes me to a page that asks me when it started and ended. I can tap just now, options for so long ago, or add a date and time. If it is still going I tap “bother me latter” for the ending time and the app goes back to the home page with the message “Hang in there” or “Feel better soon”or another positive message really big. In small letters “Your are having a migraine for …”  and “You have __ incomplete entry.
  4. After you enter that your migraine has ended the app prompts you to enter additional information. It gives you options and you can add additional ones. You can also delete options. You can skip the prompts.
  5. You have a reports tab and a calendar that tracks migraines and how long they lasted. You also have the export stats option. The reports tab is pretty cool. It is easy to glance at quickly and so it is easier for me not to dwell on how much or long or symptoms. I can focus more on why I want to do this.
  6. It has a notes section when I go into the add migraine feature.
  7. In the migraine tracking it has sections for what you tried for relief and then did they work.

Additional cool stuff.

  1. It has a daily trigger tracker. You can see in your reports how severe a trigger they are.
  2. It has a sleep tracker.
  3. Community tab connects you with other people in your area and you can add people you know who use the app to create a online support group. Make “Buddies” on a forum and “share how you feel.”And tells you the pressure, which effects my migraines.
  4. You can personalize settings to make entries easier.

It has more features, I just started using. So I will post again about how it works out for me. If you have tried the app or another one let us know how it worked out for you.

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