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Never to loud to worship

I’ve been having trouble praying and going to worship because there are too many voices. Being psychotic has made my time with God difficult. I hallucinate voices that make it hard to concentrate. It is distraction and I have trouble concentrating. Its left me to wonder if God is hearing me over the voices. If it is not acceptable to be able to pray for a little bit at a time.

But then I remembered in the Psalms God always hear the psalmist. Nothing can separate me from God’s love (Romans 8:38). Distractions cannot prevent God from our worship and God hears our prayers in loud talkative places. What matters is that we give praises and we express our feelings to the Lord. There is no right or wrong way to pray.

Even if the distraction is a migraine, some other chronic pain, or talkative hallucinations.

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I was thinking about Psalm 104. That fact that we are breathing is a testament to God’s love. The Holy Spirit shows himself through the wind and air several times in the Bible. Take a pause and feel the Holy Spirit in the air around you, entering into you with each breath. The Holy Spirit is sustaining you, guiding you, and being there with you with each breath. We know this because in Psalm 104 it says that if He withdraws His breath their is death and when He sends the Spirit there is life.

Thinking about that with my pain management it makes a lot of sense that a lot of it is taking big breaths and being aware of what is around me. It is nice to realize that there is a simple and constant reminder of God’s presence.

I pray you take some comfort in that God shows us his presence through our respiratory system.

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I found a verse about describing an encounter with God through taste. Isn’t that awesome?

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Prayer for Sleep

Lord hear me,
I lift my voice to you,
my eyes droop with weariness
my limbs heavy with sleepiness
yet I am awake.
Alas my tired mind races
Lord listen to my cry
bless me with precious sleep.


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