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Pain Meds, still learning.

Today I had to take a pain pill. What I failed to remember was I took my last prescription nausea med. Why would he prescribe more pain pills then nausea pills? I was staring at my options in dismay. Mom to the rescue with over the counter stuff. It works alright, but the prescription ones work a bit better. Now, I feel like I might be the weirdest patient ever. I am going to have to ask he prescribe more nausea medicine. Not begging for more pain pills like some think I should be doing. Nope. Just give me more of those stomach pills.

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Naproxen, my first pain med

I started feeling non-stop pain in March of 2005. A few months ago I had an altercation with some light monsters. At my doctor’s appoint last month we decided that an episode of extreme light sensitivity should be avoided. The pain doctor prescribed me Naproxen. He explains to take it as needed for when it gets bad but no more than 2 pills a week. I get the bottle and there are ten pills inside for a month.

I did not ask for these. I felt like the pain had defeated me somehow. I’ve gone about 9 years without any. To me it’s huh, this sucks. To others’ it’s, yes finally; something you should have been taking for a long time now.

I take one pill and sleep for the majority of two days.

It’s great. Sleeping through an awful migraine is nice but I miss out on everything for two days but the chances of enhanced sensitivity are stronger now but I have to take medicine. Weird toss up.

I feel like I have to report to someone. “Hey, I’m taking a pain pill.” Or I wait until someone tells me to go take one. I don’t know when I have reached the threshold of go take the pain medicine. And then I write it down so that I don’t accidently take more than two that week. It is weird internal dialogue.

I believe the most important thing is that the pills brought relief to my caregivers. And we are thankful for the ability to be proactive instead of solely reactive to unbearable pain levels. Hopefully, we won’t have to go back to the ER for a long time.

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