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Hand full of pills

People tell me all the time that I’m on to much medicine, especially for my age. Apparently only old people are allowed to take handfuls of pills. Which I do. I take 6 different medicines in the morning and a different mess of seven medicines at night. My toothpaste is even prescription. Does that make me an old person? I’m 32. My nieces tell me I’m old.  Does the amount of medicine you have to take decrease your quality of life?

What I do know is I’m unlucky. I have three conditions that require medicine, a lot of medicine. Chronic migraines and head pain, seizures, and now depression and schizophrenia.

AAAHHHH the stigmas of being a disabled person. I take pills to make life better. I don’t take pills to make it worse.

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The Calming Truth


We all have times when our brains get busy. Minds race or the little voices inside are pushing you to do something your not sure about, or your literally hearing voices, your own voice gets overrun by all the other things on your mind. One thing I learned that helps quiet things down is telling myself something true. As I focus my mind clears and I’m able to think my own thoughts again.

When I hear the voices and start to get anxious, I focus on my Truth. Jesus was born of the Holy Spirit and lived. He was crucified, dead, and buried.  He arose alive and was seen. He ascended into Heaven where he sits next to God the Father and sent the Holy Spirit to help His followers. God allowed all this to happen so that mankind could be forgiven of their sins and have eternal life with Him.



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Springboard Comebacks

I learned today a comeback to our downer thoughts. Its like a springboard. When you vector-woman-jumping-springboardhave a negative thought strike back with saying something positive. Hearing the positivity allows us to think, say, and hear. Its a powerful comeback. Positive and uplifting messages are empowering and helps us focus on the good things. Makes us think about subjects like pain management, healthy self-esteem, the people who helps us along the way, and the Lord.


  • Thoughts about being surrounded or trapped by the pain. Say “I’m surrounded by Jesus.” “I will be rescued” “I am surrounded by people who love me.”
  • Thoughts about being weak. Say “My God is my strength” or “I am strong and courageous because I have hope in the Lord”
  •   I can’t do this. Say “I can do this. God directs my path.” or “the Lord is my author and my finisher”
  • I’ll never get better. Say “the Lord will heal me” or “God is with the doctors” “New medicines are being discovered all the time.” or “I put my hope in the Lord.”
  • Its to much emotionally. Say, “A peaceful heart leads to a healthy body” or “God’s got this.” or “I put my trust in Him” or “The Lord will fill me with joy.”




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We need help.

Sometimes we need help.

We are social beings. Our brains are hardwired to need people. We need family, friends, clergy, and loved ones. We need people in our lives that can build us up and people who can lift our spirits.

We also need to distance ourselves from toxic people. These people tell us lies about our illnesses, the people who care about us, and about our character. Toxic people tare us down and make us feel sad, lonely, unloved, and like we are burdens to the people we loves. These are all lies.

The people who love us do not see us as burdens. We are loved. We are strong. We inspire people. We build people up. We teach others about perseverance. We are doing the best we can. We are people doing something extraordinary. We function while suffering, we are doing the impossible. The people who love us see an exceptional person.

Sometimes we need help. We need to reach out to those who support us. Our family, friends, loved ones, support groups, and others going through what you are. And sometimes we need to reach out to psychologists, talk therapy, the E.R. The E.R. will admit you to the psychiatric ward and that’s OK. If you are psychotic, very depressed, or having suicidal thoughts it is where you need to be. Personal care is important. Part of that is reaching out for help from whomever you feel/think will give you the bests help or advice.

Sometimes you need help and that is normal. It’s okay. Take care of yourself.

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