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Migraine Buddy App

I decided to try to keep a dairy again. I thought about it a lot. I have tried it a lot of different ways over the years and each time it has made me depressed and has not helped me talk to my doctors. To me it was “yup I’m in pain today again, just like yesterday and the day before. And look, it is easy to tell exactly how many days it has been.” And so depending on how bad the day was the worse it made it felt. Not emotionally healthy at all. The only time I was really good at it was the year I started Botox and after a year the negativity started setting in again. And the icing on the cake was the day my Mom found them. She started with the second one I kept, my first one is in a dairy that locks. I was in college and lived in the dorms. And the third really got to her.

Oh, I decided to this because I want to learn if I can figure out if there are other consistent triggers then my biggies. I want to learn more about the relief methods I am using, are they really helping? I want to retry somethings. Maybe something will give a bit of relief now that I am on the Botox and I have breaks from the migraines. Also, the doctor asks and suggests new things and I do try them and it would be nice to learn if the things I do actually work.

I do not want to fall into the same pitfall. I made criteria:
1. An app for my phone, easy access.
2. It only tracks migraines, not my daily pain.
3. I could easily track triggers.
4. I could skip things I didn’t want to enter.
5. I did not have to look at my stats on my homepage. I want to only look at it when preparing for my doctor appointments or when family is asking questions.
6. It has a notes section or a way to enter if I have a seizure or ER visit.
7. I would like to track things I tried for relief.

I found Migraine Buddy by Healint. It is described as an advanced migraine dairy and tracking app designed by neurologists. When I started blogging I followed “Migraine Buddy” ( and I still check it periodically. It was more helpful when I was first learning more about myself. It looks like it is put out by the same people.

This is how it fits what I wanted:

  1. It is on my phone. Bonus, I can export reports to my email that are suppose to be easy to share with my doctor. I have not tried out this feature yet. It also has a share feature, so I could text it to my Uni or email the report right to my doctor.
  2. It does not ask about daily head pain.
  3. I was surprised about how easy it is. On the homepage I tap “My records” then the + sign. Takes me to a page that asks me when it started and ended. I can tap just now, options for so long ago, or add a date and time. If it is still going I tap “bother me latter” for the ending time and the app goes back to the home page with the message “Hang in there” or “Feel better soon”or another positive message really big. In small letters “Your are having a migraine for …”  and “You have __ incomplete entry.
  4. After you enter that your migraine has ended the app prompts you to enter additional information. It gives you options and you can add additional ones. You can also delete options. You can skip the prompts.
  5. You have a reports tab and a calendar that tracks migraines and how long they lasted. You also have the export stats option. The reports tab is pretty cool. It is easy to glance at quickly and so it is easier for me not to dwell on how much or long or symptoms. I can focus more on why I want to do this.
  6. It has a notes section when I go into the add migraine feature.
  7. In the migraine tracking it has sections for what you tried for relief and then did they work.

Additional cool stuff.

  1. It has a daily trigger tracker. You can see in your reports how severe a trigger they are.
  2. It has a sleep tracker.
  3. Community tab connects you with other people in your area and you can add people you know who use the app to create a online support group. Make “Buddies” on a forum and “share how you feel.”And tells you the pressure, which effects my migraines.
  4. You can personalize settings to make entries easier.

It has more features, I just started using. So I will post again about how it works out for me. If you have tried the app or another one let us know how it worked out for you.

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