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Approved for Medicaid

I was approved for Medicaid! The first time we used it was for medicine, 1$ for 2 medicines that were 20$ a piece. It is going to help us a lot financially.

There is only one thing that is effecting negatively, I have to find a new talk therapist. None of the councilors that are upfront about being Christian don’t take Medicaid. And the therapists my therapist called are not taking on patients. I’m hoping that finding a therapist isn’t as hard as last time.

We are very grateful the the Medicaid came through we are struggling so much with the doctor and medicine bills.

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Paingry describes the anger caused by the frustrations of chronic pain. I get this way, angry for no other reason then I’m in a crap ton of pain again and can’t do anything about it. I choose to have alone time so that I don’t say or do something that I will regret. It is hard keeping emotions under control while being in crap ton of pain. I like this term it explains what I feel very well.

Its one of the million things I ask God to help me with.
Lord, help me cope with the emotions that the pain brings. Help me to safeguard my thoughts and feelings from anger and fear. Help me to not become paingry which hurts my family and friends. Hear my cry for help. Amen

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Spending One Hour in Prayer


There is no correct way to pray. Spending a long time in prayer can sound hard. But if you look at prayer as a talk with Dad we can fill it up. Here is one way for an hour to quickly go by. Spend about 5 minutes in each of the 12 sections, you might find you will want to spend less time in some and more time in others. I like this order but shake it.

  1. Praise: Let God know that you acknowledged the things that he has done for you. Thank Him. Let God know what you think about Him: justice, love, holiness, omnipresence, greatness, faithfulness, creation, and/or redemption are some examples (you can check out the Psalms too).
  2. Silence: Take a moment of silence to focus on the presence of God. Feel God’s love and praise God for giving you this opportunity to speak with Him.
  3. Confession: Ask for forgiveness of your sins. Allow the Holy Spirit to move you to identify each sin. The Holy Spirit will lead you to accept forgiveness if you allow it.
  4. Read scripture: Reading God’s Word teaches us His promises, expectations, and about faith. Think about what it means to you. Pray about applying these lessons to your daily living. You can start in the Psalms.
  5. Watching: Be still and ask the Lord to help you know what to pray for. You are looking for where evil is larking and where thanksgiving is due. The Spirit will show what you and others need and the plans, methods, and stronghold of evil.
  6. Intercession: Pray for the joys, needs, and distress of others: family, friends, church, community, nation, etc. Its where you engage in Spiritual Warfare. You are showing through the Holy Spirit where evil is lurking, binding that evil to Jesus’s name, and breaking the evil’s stronghold.
  7. Petition: personal needs and joys
  8. Thanksgiving: Thank God for blessings, joys, salvation, ect.
  9. Song: Sing a hymn, rock with some Christian music, play an instrument. Make a joyful noise! Notice, it does not have to be pretty or really loud.
  10. Meditation: An active process of evaluation, searching, and pondering spiritual matters. Things that are true, pure, noble, beautiful, and praise worthy.
  11. Listening: Don’t talk, be still. Waite for the Lord to surround you with his goodness and love or maybe reveal new things to you.
  12. Worship: Extended Amen, exalt God.  Express your feelings of reverence, adoration, and joy.





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