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Paingry describes the anger caused by the frustrations of chronic pain. I get this way, angry for no other reason then I’m in a crap ton of pain again and can’t do anything about it. I choose to have alone time so that I don’t say or do something that I will regret. It is hard keeping emotions under control while being in crap ton of pain. I like this term it explains what I feel very well.

Its one of the million things I ask God to help me with.
Lord, help me cope with the emotions that the pain brings. Help me to safeguard my thoughts and feelings from anger and fear. Help me to not become paingry which hurts my family and friends. Hear my cry for help. Amen


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Epilepsy Awareness Day 4: Pookie The Dog


This is Pookie, she is named after Garfield’s teddy bear. I lived with Pookie for a few years and she slept with me. After a few weeks she started asking me to take naps. She was so insistent that I went with her. She would always lay across my chest or behind my back, forcing me to lay on my side. I noticed that every time she laid across my chest I would have a dizzy spell or vertigo. One day mom came in my room and I was having a seizure. Pookie was laying against my back and keeping me on my side. Pookie had no training. It is something she started doing no her own.

ServiceĀ  Dogs for Epileptics are dogs that have been trained to assist people with epilepsy. They are trained to alert their handlers, protect their handler’s from bodily harm, emotional support, and get help if needed. Having a service dog can also give the handler confidence to go places without a guardian or such. That freedom can help them become more active in the workforce and social gatherings. These dogs changes a person’s quality of life.

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Karma the Dog Defeats Exercises!

Here I am being a good neurologically challenged person doing my floor exercises. I’m laying on my mat and listening to my tunes on, Jang Keun Suk kind of day. I forgot to close my door. Karma runs, trips, and plops on my tummy. 90 lbs of happy dog! I guess the only reason I would sit or lay on the floor is to give her loving. And the only reason I would get out a mat is for her to sleep on it. Silly human.

Lyrics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQh1qQVRJEU

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MHAM 10: My Dog Karma

MHAM Day 10 Topic: How does your pet help you manage #Migraine or #Headache?

Message_1495832585154This is Karma. She loves walks, sitting on the porch, digging, treats, and being petted. Sometimes she gets hyper focused on one family member. Usually that family member is not doing well physically or emotionally. Karma will stay by their side, guard their doorway, and put her head or paw on their leg. Sometimes she talks to them. And she mopes. Ask her “Do you need?” and she will stare at the person or the person’s room.

She tends to know where I am all the time. “Karma, where is Crystal” or “Karma, find Crystal.” She will run back and forth between me and the person looking for me until Karma is satisfied the person found me. Sometimes Karma says “hey come see Crystal.” There was a day I fell and could not get up I was so dizzy. Karma lay down and stared at me for over an hour not moving. Karma herd the car pull up, ran to the front door, and started barking. I herd the door open then Karma’s paws sprinting down the hallway. She paused in the doorway. Mom had not gotten the hint. She sprinted off. She came and went two more times. The third time she barked at Mom. Then Mom came and the “Crap Crystal is sick” routine commenced. Since then we taught Karma everyone’s name who lives in the house.

Other phrases Karma learned was “Name, doesn’t feel good” and “Go to, name.” Both phrases result in Karma finding the person and giving them loving or begging for attention. Having Karma to pet is soothing. I don’t know what it is about simply running my hand through her fur. Another thing is I can match her breaths to get into my breathing exercises if the pain is so bad I’m having trouble. She can be a confidant. I can tell Karma anything and know she will not treat me differently. “Karma it hurts to much.” She will still ask me to throw her rope and give her treats. Another funny thing Karma does is smile when she is petted (I read that is backwards, dogs usually smile to get petted). It’s feels the same as making someone smile. A little positive emotion boost when the pain is a killer is nice. 6a00d8341ce97953ef01b8d28550f8970c-pi

For more blogger’s posts about this topic go to (http://www.migraine.ninja/2017/06/10-pets-can-sense-and-comfort-during-a-migraine-or-headache.htm) and look down in the comments.

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MHAM Headache/Migraine Awareness Month Challenge Day 8: Puppies

Today’s topic is to talk about any pets that may help you keep hoping.

Pets6a00d8341ce97953ef01b8d11f319c970c-800wi provide emotional support for people with chronic conditions. They give you someone to take care of, get you a little more physically active, and someone who will stick by you when during your worse days. I do not own my own dog, but my little mid sister has a dog, Pookie, and my dad has one that is a year old, Karma. We had Pookie for a few years because my sister’s landlord said said no dogs. Pookie was a real comfort and as time wore on began to predict when I was about to have a bad spell. When I didn’t feel well I would say, Pookie nap time or Pookie watch episode? And Pookie would dash to my room. I taught Pookie, Do you need? The she would lead me to what she needed/wanted. After about a year, she started to “need” to take a nap in my room and would get very agitated if I didn’t lay down. After a few weeks I realized she behaved thatĀ 10246420_10152518245396606_5636463081572872856_n way right before I had a bad spell. The first time I “obeyed” Pookie she laid on top of me until I fell asleep. It was like, you are not going anywhere my puppy. It gave me hope because it made me realize that yes their is something that gives some type of warning even if I don’t feel it. Pookie also helped me get through the tough days, I wasn’t alone when I couldn’t be around people and I could tell her what I couldn’t tell others. Yes I talked to the dog. When my sister took Pookie back it was 10561766_878298526628_4130401678338094825_nvery weird. A few months before Pookie went home, Dad brought home a puppy, Karma. Karma is a pill but she follows me around and brings me her toys every time I leave my room. She is a retriever/lab mix that does not know her strength so I tip over when she gets excited. I take care of her as much as I can. I am the one who usually grooms her and I pet her and brush her. It is comforting to have someone I can play with and take care of. We don’t do togetherness but we can still spend time together in ways that still bring me comfort.

What gives me more hope is that we are working on getting me a service dog. The dog would make it so I could get around easier and help me get things I need on bad days. The dog would help me get back into my social activities. Most days I can’t leave the house because of my migraines. Gaining independence, freedom, and the thought of having my own dog brings me hope and comfort.

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