Schizophrenia Facebook Group Sucks

I joined a group on Facebook that gives schizophrenics a place deal. Recently there are more and more posts about how Christianity is not real. Goes as far to say that every Christian should be put on medicine for schizophrenia because we believe in a God we cannot see and believe that God can talk to people. Because when Christians say that something extraordinary happens its real but when a similar thing happens outside Christianity its schizophrenics. Why would God allow this? or do it to me? When a Christian reaches out these people are quick to give their advice that God is not real. It is getting hard to read. I am a Christian.  My faith is what is getting me through this horrible ordeal. I feel a need to stick up God, myself, them.

I know what so say. I am very frustrated because everything I’ve tried to say something it has gone terribly wrong.

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Filed under mental health, schizophrenia

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