IS Testimonies like Coming Out?

Disclaimer: I am only going to use exactly what anyone said because of the nature of support groups.

I was on my support group for schizophrenia and a lady posted her testimony. It was strange and she was a little evangelistic-recruit officer. But I admired her courage. The comments all attacked her faith, even the positive feed back dismissed her beliefs as a coping tool. I know there are other Christians on the site, but none commented. I think they may have been afraid that they would have to defend themselves and the lady who posted wasn’t defending herself she just let it go.

It very much felt like a coming out. It was a hey, look at me I’m a Christian and you should have what I found too. In big red letters. And people were mocking them.

It reminded me of when my friend “came out of the closet.” He put of a big red sign, I’m gay and you should find sexual freedom just like I did. And it caused a stir.

I did comment. I told her I admired her courage and supported her. That I am a Christian too. And to ignore these trolls. I should have reminded her Jesus said to dust off your sandals and move on.

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