Epilepsy Awareness Day 25: Counting the Days


People count the days, months, years since their last seizure. A month, 6 months, 1 year, years are landmarks worthy of celebration and parties. Epilepsy warriors and heroes are praised by doctors, family, friends, and random people. Its weird how something you have no control over becomes an accomplishment. But when you break that streak its devastating, especially if you had passed landmarks. What you knew would happen eventually just turned everything upside down. Your right back to square one.

My count is four days. My count started over November 22, 2017.

I was seizure free for four years, eleven months, and two weeks. The middle of January would have been five years. I had gone to almost daily seizures to none. A huge accomplishment. Uni and I would have had a feast, celebrated. Five years is a landmark. The accomplishment was gone in less then a minute.


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