Epilepsy Awareness Day 13: Epilepsy Kills


An epileptics die from seizures and seizure related causes. It doesn’t matter what kind a person has or how it presents, it can be deadly. Brain damage, heart attack, an injury, and crappy timing can all result in death. And Unexpected Epileptic Death Syndrome is where a person can die after a seizure for no other apparent factors. An epileptic does not just worry because a seizure is around the corner, its because that seizure can kill.

I would be somewhere and wake up somewhere else a few times a week when I first presented. One day I had a neurology appointment and was waiting for my ride. He called and I was walking out of my dorm. The next moment there was a loud car horn and he was pulling me out from the middle of the road. I had wandered into the middle of a busy street and was almost hit by a car. I had lost about ten minutes. I don’t remember the walk to the parking lot, but my friend noticed I was quiet and was stumbling but didn’t think much of it.  When he stopped yelling and realized what had happened he was scared and blamed himself.

Every time I wake up to a story or the realization that I almost died or could have died it is frightening. But it’s not something that I can dwell on. I’ve been blessed that I haven’t experienced any serious injuries and have narrowly dodged grave peril several times. All that can be done is to hope and pray we are just as lucky next time.


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