Epilepsy Awareness Day 6: Dental Health

Epilepsy complicates all aspects of dental health.

  • Medication: Some medication cause tooth decay, dry mouth, or gum issues. The side effects of medication can include infection, dry mouth, overgrown gums, delayed healing, bleeding gums, and post-op bleeding.
  • Triggers: The lights, loud noise, or the procedure itself could cause a seizure.
  • A seizure could break a tooth
  •   Can cause teeth to grow out of ailment
  • Vomiting: The acid eats away the protective coating on your teeth. If you do not naturalize it, like with baking soda, it is very bad. The worse thing you can do is brush your teeth or sleeping before rinsing out your mouth.
  • You can crack your jaw from the fall
  • The nerves in your teeth could react to infection and breaks abnormally

An epileptic has to make sure their dentist knows that you have epilepsy and all medications. The dentist also has to know how to handle a seizure so that he/she can make a plan.

Regular dental check ups is recommended. Also being diligent about daily dental care.

My gums bleed and I get infections easily. I also have a hard time controling how hard I brush my teeth. This is because my muscles still jerk and I get tremors in my hands. One time I was flossing when suddenly my hand went flying. The jerk broke my tooth. I broke my tooth while flossing. I was too embarrassed to tell the dentist what happened.


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