Epilepsy Awareness Day 5: Brain Fog

I’ve looked up “brain fog” and its description is a bit different then what I have experienced in relation to epilepsy and migraine. The symptoms I experience included:

  • troubles thinking
  • short term memory issues
  • No concentration or focus
  • feeling like I’m outside of what is happening
  • unable to process what is going on around me
  • problems thinking of words
  • problems remembering what words mean
  • problem solving
  • can’t remember what I’m doing
  • mobility issues
  • Problems going place to place. Like I have trouble walking from my room to the kitchen because I don’t remember where the kitchen is or what the word kitchen means. What is that? Why should I go there? How do I get th486485bae049d82fdd26f3daac7c7614ere?
  • confusion and frustration

Brain fog is a symptom that can be a warning sign and is a symptom experienced while recovering from the seizure. It can last a long time or just a few minutes. I usually  experience brain fog for long periods. It is frustrating, especially when the people around me are not understanding. Its especially hard when it happens in public places. There is nowhere to hide and difficulties communicating what is happening. Which is problematic more so if brain fog is a warning sign. There are symptoms a lot worse and more dangerous then brain fog. I think brain fog is more annoying and frustrating symptoms of seizures and migraine. It is one symptom that makes it hard to pass interviews and keep managers happy.  But the most important thing about brain fog is that it is a single that there is something amiss with my neurons.


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