My Personal Strobe Light

Today I decided on my worse symptom. I have visual aura all the time. I can get a special visual aura right before and during my migraines with intense pain. I get bright white streamers across my vision followed by black streamers going left to right quickly. The white streamers are so bright they hurt my eyes. It gets worse when I turn the lights off or close my eyes. It looks like a freaking strobe light. And it does all the things an actual strobe light does to me. I get nauseous, motion sick, dizzy, nephropathy, and muscle spasms. Before my seizures were under control my personal strobe could set off a seizure.


So I typed “migraine strobe” in google. Google thinks that is what it looks like.

I figured it out. Someone took part of my brain and replaced it with a strobe light. Maybe the batteries will run out soon.


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