MHAM 13: Management

Topic: How do you incorporate the whole person in your Migraine and Headache Management – the physical, intellectual, and emotional?

I need to get back into working out three to four days a week. I use to switch out light cardio and yoga followed by a nap. It helps me with my balance. I eat when its time to eat. I drink mostly water and plenty of it. I rest and sleep when my body tells me to. It may sound stupid/easy but its not and it’s not something I could really do until I quit working. I am doing a lot better since I started doing these basics.

I read pain, migraine, persistent head pain, and seizure related articles and try to learn everything I can. I also got two introduction to sociology of medicine books that I want to read. I write this blog. Right now I guess I need to learn about Trump’s healthcare. My Dad seems to think it’s going to be great and buys into all the “chronic pain” stereo types and prejudices. I’ll I’ve seen about it is that it has been behind closed doors and nobody actually knows what it is. My pain levels make holding trains of thoughts difficult. Holding verbal, spontaneous arguments are really hard for me. I tend to fill my brain with information that becomes useless because of my unpredictable critical thinking skills. It can be like having a ship whose cargo holds are full of merchandise but the ship gets thrown off course by a hurricane and the merchandise boxes break or get water damage. Its the same as receiving comments like “you are really useful on your good days, you should have more of those.”

Jesus is always the answer. Why does music written in a minor key sound “sad” or “downbeat,” while music in a major key sounds “happy” or “upbeat”? Answer: Jesus. Social and medical research has shown relationships between religiosity and better health. I relay on my faith a lot to get through a lot of the crap my body puts me through. When people ask me questions along the line of “why haven’t you killed yourself” or say “I would have killed myself by now” I say “because I have Jesus.”

Prayer and worship activates several parts of the brain and most notably the left. 6a00d8341ce97953ef01b8d28550f8970c-piPatients who know they are being prayed for heal faster then patients who are not being prayed for. Prayer/meditation can also release endorphins and increase your sense of well-being. If your thinking “yeah right, phhfff.” It is not uncommon for nonreligious people to join religious groups for the the social interactions, friendships, and support groups. A church is also a great place to start a local support group for the community.

To be honest, I don’t know if I can separate physically and emotionally better sometimes. I measure my ability to cope with emotional health a lot. My ability to cope is also tied to the amount of pain I’m in. So sometimes I get confused.

Chocolate is always the answer.  What, exactly, is it about good jokes that makes people laugh? Answer: Chocolate. But if someone looks at you funny you can redirect with just kidding family, family is the answer.

Chocolate, in serving seizes. Dark chocolate is a good source of copper and magnesium which are minerals your brain needs. Dark chocolate also boosts your immune system and blood flow to the brain. It also gives off boosts of endorphins and serotonin, it helps your mood. But chocolate does has caffeine and therobromine–these are the chemicals that can trigger migraines, so you have to be careful and know how much of that you can tolerate. I went to my grandma’s for a few weeks when my g-ma died and again that summer. She talked to her doctor about it and portioned me out a one ounce serving for the whole day of 50% dark chocolate. I held it together better. I can manage better with the pain and emotionally. Now if I don’t have dark chocolate I will eat Nestle semi-sweet chocolate chips, 45% cocoa. Does eating chocolate actually belong in physical?

Family is a great source of support. When I’m sad or having a hard time coping I can go across the hall to see my sis or go down the hall hunting for a parent or down stairs for my sister or my niece. Or trip over the dog. I can call my brother and sis-in-law too. A lot of the time I call my Uni or go for a play date with her, or move into her apartment for a week. A change in pace can help a lot.

I also listen to music. It can move me and help me sleep.


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