MHAM 12: My Cave

Topic: What’s in your “#Migraine or #Headache cave?”

My bedroom in my cave. Making a even this corner of the house me-friendly is hard. From the best heating pad to kind of black out curtains, it is lot of trial and error got us to where we are now.

  • Ceiling light is an incandescent 50 watt bulb. It is getting hard to find those things.
  • Lamp 20 watt incandescent and closet a 40 watt incandescent.
  • Floor length brown black out curtains.
  • Medium purple walls (white walls add brightness and a medium blue made the room a little too dark with the lights off and to bright with the lights on around dusk. I usually don’t turn on lights until its dark outside)
  • Drawers next to my bed: medicine, tissues, heat pad doll, color books, drawing/coloring stuff, mp3 player/speaker/headphones, and things I use every day.
  • Table with computer and drinks
  • Hanging off my bed frame: noise cancelling headphones, crotch project bag, and a sweater.
  • End of my bed, extra blankets/pillows, and Chewbecca/teddy bears.
  • Trash bin and power outlet next to my bed
  • An aloe plant to purify the air
  • TV with Netflix, Dramafever, Pandora, and Youtube apps downloaded. (I have the brightness turned down to almost the darkest setting)
  • chair with foot stool
  • I keep most of the materials I need for my pain management projects in my close
  • And Karma’s toys line my doorway, that is where Karma thinks they belong

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