Poison Oak and My Brain

When my allergies are acting up my migraines come for an extended stay. It is a slightly higher level of miserable. Migraine plus sneezing, stuffy noses, watering eyes, and coughing.

I woke up and my tongue was numb. Then I started to really feel my migraine. Numbness is not that uncommon during my migraines so I wasn’t alarmed; it was just odd that it was the first symptom. The pain medicine got all my symptoms under control except the numbness. The numbness spread to my mouth and lips. By that afternoon my eyes started to swell and water so I took allergy medicine. The numbness went away. Never before had allergy medicine taken away a migraine symptom.

Mom did a body check and sure enough I had a good sized rash.

Poison Oak.

It is always interesting to see how my brain will react to something abnormal and exciting. Like Poison Oak.

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