MHAM9: Pain/Migraine/Epilepsy and Treatment Dilemmas


Prompt: Describe a treatment dilemma you have experienced with #Migraine or #Headache and other comorbid health problems.

The term “comorbid” means that a person has one or more conditions in addition to their primary disease or disorder. According to my chart, my primary condition is epilepsy and my secondary conditions are persistent head pain and chronic migraine.

Medicine used for epilepsy and daily pain medicine are the same medicines. Every new treatment we try seriously impacts how my medicine works. My doctor basically told me we had to focus on the seizures before we could do anything about the pain and we might treat the pain along the way if we are lucky. Six months latter he felt we made enough progress to add a medicine he thought would help with the pain. For the next several years we added, increased, decreased, and went off medicine for the pain depending on how it effected the medicine that has my seizures at bay.

Physical activity has been weird for me. What I am capable to do in a day would change drastically. I couldn’t workout when no one else was home. Even in small amounts working out can be damaging. I will get physically sick, a migraine, or even seize. But while on other medicine combinations moderate to light workout routines were beneficial; improved my balance, sleep quality, and energy levels. It is very frustrating. I noticed the Botox makes me very tired. Topomax made me sick and even seize once to workout last time I was on it but I haven’t chanced it in this combination of m6a00d8341ce97953ef01b8d28550f8970c-piedicine yet.

Diet has been a homeopathic treatment I have tried off and on. My diet also has to change depending on what medicine I am on. I was on a strict brain food friendly diet with low sugar for a long time. It helped with the seizures and migraine symptoms. But when I started the Lamtical I started to shake and become emotionally unstable when I didn’t get enough sugar in my diet. A while back I was on a high protein and fruits diet, lower carbs diet, two meals a day with two snacks. I didn’t go on it on purpose it just happened slowly and I was more functional on that diet. But when I was taken off one of my medicines that diet made me sick. Now I eat what I see. It has been an interesting roller coaster.

The weirdest treatment breakthrough we had was when I started Botox. It has helped my migraines significantly. I had daily migraines and now I have about four migraine days a week. What is more amazing is that I have had one seizure since I started the Botox. I think I’ve been getting it three years.

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