Somnilight: Important stuff from the FB comments. (Revised)

It was brought to my attention I goofed. I apologize. I see tons of ads for TheraSpecs, I didn’t realize I was reading about a different brand.

I found something new I want to try! I read the Facebook comments so you don’t have to.

Somnilight are glasses that block out light that causes headache and migraines, much like sunglasses. It helps with computer screens, pesky sun light, and florescent lights. They help battle the minions that would destroy photosensitive warriors with photophobia.  Also sounds like a way to stretch our allotted spoons for the day. For more detail watch the video.

For more detail, here is Somnilight’s research and links to more research about the glasses:

The glasses come in amber, red, and outdoor. On the website I’m only seeing “outdoor” and “indoor” option, indoor being red. You can find amber on amazon. Both block 90% blue light which is what usually triggers the migraine. Red blocks a wider range of light and is considered darker-by some it is a little to dark for computer work. Red is not good for driving because it blocks green light. The Somnilight people recommend that you wear amber on a daily basis if you have photophobia  or intractable migraines and then red on migraine days.

There are two brands. The other is TheraSpecs. Theraspecs will add your prescription.  They also have an option to send in your own frames.

Somni Priceing: Red 49.99$ Amber 39.99$. Bundle 69.99$

TheraSpecs Pricing: Send in your own frames 70$. Indoor black 99$. Outdoor 129$.  The cheapest combo is 198$.

Both also come in the kind that slip over you glasses for the same price.

Somni has a Coupon code in the feed: CLEARANCE for 50%

Ships within 4 days for many people. If you are unhappy, there is a 60 day risk free trail period. Send them back and they will give you a refund. However you are responsible for the shipping for the return, about 3$.

Any questions? Post it to the Facebook feed. The person managing it replies with useful information and quickly (mostly the same day). 

There was one who commented that the glasses were recommended by his neurologist. The majority of commentators that used/tried the glasses filled the feed with about how the glasses made living with a monster under their neurons easier. Most of the feed was individuals saying they just ordered, have plans to order, wondering if they should try it, or giving reasons why they thought it wouldn’t work for them. I only remember one saying she returned them but that was because they were to small, she regretted giving them up, being me I thought why not take them to your local Walmart and get them adjusted or when I got my refund send in my own frames and purchase it again?

I am going to be asking my neurologist about these at my next Botox.


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One response to “Somnilight: Important stuff from the FB comments. (Revised)

  1. Thank you for mentioning TheraSpecs! I wanted to let you know however that it appears you have mixed up SomniLight with TheraSpecs in a few areas. TheraSpecs precision tinted lenses are based on clinical research and are what we describe as a “dusty rose” color (versus Amber or Red, both of which we’ve seen as descriptors of SomniLight products).

    You can also see all of our styles and pricing – some of which is incorrect in your article – online at In addition, if you want to see more about our story and why we started TheraSpecs (which also has a lot of similar comments as the ones you describe), you can view that here:

    Hopefully that helps clears things up. If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at Thank you again for educating your readers on non-medicinal migraine treatments. We hope whatever they use, it is working to bring them relief! 🙂


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