MHAM Blogging Challenge Day 12: Who Let the Girls Out

Today’s topic is to write about how the quote “The birds of hope are everywhere, hear them sing.” My first thought: ornithophobia. Birds make high pitched loud noises. Birds are pain and they scary. But then I thought Birds+slang=women. And I can get behind that. So first, we must make a new image. How about a girl group being silly? Girls Generation, they were on a late night show.  I got the picture of the group from birds of hope There are mostly women in my life. Each one of those women care for me and are there for me. All I have to do is reach out anytime I am feeling lost or doomed. When I reach out one of those ladies will respond with love and remind me how to be hopeful, they make me hear hope. There are also famous women we can look up to that bring us hope, musicians, advocates, Nightingale, writers, Hermine, actresses, writers. It is part of Girl Power. Girl Power and sisterhood are suppose to bring us hope. They are our diverse cheer squad. My mom sang us to sleep every night until my youngest sister was about eight. At about the same time she stopped singing lullabies the organists at church started teaching me worship songs she sang as a kid. We always sang full blast to the radio. Us girls still randomly just start singing songs around the house. Music is a way we express ourselves. When I am feeling down, I look at a sister and burst out a line like “LET’s get down to business” and she will belt out right back “to DEFEAT the HUNS!” And then after that song she, or the group of us, keeps going until I feel better. Lets listen to Girls Generation sing “Tinkerbell” I think this song is hopeful because it’s about a person who wants to stay by your side no matter what hardships that are ahead, someone who wants to give you hope that you can accomplish goals, and it is someone who chooses you knowing that you are in an impossible situation. I chose this video because it points out who is singing.

“The Migraine and Headache Awareness Month Blog Challenge is organized by the American Headache and Migraine Association.”


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